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The Canadian Art Database has been built as a visual record of the careers of Canadian artists, accompanied by the artist’s CV and descriptive information on images of their work. Images alone, however, seldom tell the whole story and, as a result, in 2001 the CCCA launched this section on Art Writing to provide a broader context for the artists and images.

A lot of art writing is ephemeral in nature, appearing as it does in newspapers, magazines and journals, many of which are defunct and hard to find. The writing in this section initially related closely to the artists whose work is currently presented in The Canadian Art Database. This writing will often be by other artists, as well as poets, writers of fiction, and professional critics and curators. Authors and texts are added on a continuing basis.
There are currently 1,234 texts by 190 writers available for viewing from the list below.Alphabetical List of Writers

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Alphabetical List of Writers

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Alfred Young Man Lethbridge, Alberta
Jan Allen Kingston, Ontario
Roy Arden Vancouver, British Columbia
John Armstrong Toronto, Ontario
Ruth Auersberg Montreal, Quebec
Robert Ayre (1900-1980)
Ingrid Bachmann Montreal, Quebec
Renée Baert Montreal, Quebec
Andrew Bell
Lynne Bell Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ron Benner London, Ontario
Ronald Bloore (1925-2009) Toronto, Ontario
Joe Bodolai (1946-2011) Beverly Hills, California
Brian Boigon Toronto, Ontario
David Bolduc (1945-2010) Toronto, Ontario
George Bowering Vancouver, British Columbia
Rowell Bowles New York, New York
John Boyle Allenford, Ontario
Stuart Broomer Toronto, Ontario
Colin Browne Vancouver, British Columbia
Donald W. Buchanan Ottawa, Ontario
David Burnett Toronto, Ontario
James D. Campbell Toronto, Ontario
Lora Senechal Carney Toronto, Ontario
Ian Carr-Harris Toronto, Ontario
Julie Cencebaugh New York, New York
John Noel Chandler
Mark Cheetham Toronto, Ontario
Elizabeth Chitty St. Catharines, Ontario
Claire Christie Toronto, Ontario
John Clark (1943-1989) Lethbridge, Alberta
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia
Alfred Clemens
Victor Coleman Toronto, Ontario
Doris Cowan Toronto, Ontario
Judith Cowan Trois Rivières, Quebec
Peter Culley Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
Gary Michael Dault Toronto, Ontario
Heather Dawkins Vancouver, British Columbia
Peter Day (1949-1990) Toronto, Ontario
Tom Dean Toronto, Ontario
Bonnie Devine Toronto, Ontario
Christopher Dewdney Toronto, Ontario
Selwyn Dewdney (1909-1979)
Sarindar Dhaliwal Toronto, Ontario
David Donnell Toronto, Ontario
Judith Doyle Toronto, Ontario
Johanna Drucker Richmond, Virginia, USA
Don Druick Elmira, Ontario
Jimmie Durham Cuernavaca, Mexico
Paul Dutton Toronto, Ontario
Virginia Eichhorn Kitchener, Ontario
Luba Eleen Toronto, Ontario
Tony Emery
Robert Enright Winnipeg, Manitoba
Deborah Esch
Cliff Eyland (1954-2020) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Andy Fabo Toronto, Ontario
Lorne Falk Hong Kong, China
Carolyn Bell Farrell Toronto, Ontario
Lorna Farrell-Ward Toronto, Ontario
Roni Feinstein New York, N.Y.
Terry Fenton Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Marnie Fleming Toronto, Ontario
Robert Fones Toronto, Ontario
Ted Fraser Toronto, Ontario

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François-Marc Gagnon
Peggy Gale Toronto, Ontario
David Garneau Calgary, Alberta
Eldon Garnet Toronto, Ontario
Susan Gibson Garvey
Linda Genereux Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gerry Gilbert Vancouver, British Columbia
Oliver Girling Toronto, Ontario
Mayo Graham Ottawa, Ontario
John K. Grande Montreal, Quebec
Michael Greenwood (d. ) Toronto, Ontario
Bruce Grenville Vancouver, British Columbia
Barrie Hale (d. )
Deirdre Hanna Toronto, Ontario
Arni Haraldsson Vancouver, British Columbia
Clara Hargittay Toronto, Ontario
A.S.A. Harrison (1948-2013) Toronto, Ontario
Jamelie Hassan London, Ontario
Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds Cheyenne Arapaho Nation, Oklahoma, USA
Terrence Heath Toronto, Ontario
Theodore Allen Heinrich (1910-1981)
Karen Henry Vancouver, British Columbia
David Hlynsky Toronto, Ontario
Ihor Holubizky Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Robert Houle Toronto, Ontario
Johanna Householder Toronto, Ontario
James Houston Toronto, Ontario
Andrew Hudson Washington, D.C., USA
Marni Jackson Toronto, Ontario
Luis Jacob Toronto, Ontario
Claude Jasmin Montreal, Quebec
Doreen Jensen Surrey, British Columbia
D.G. Jones North Hatley, P.Q.
Muffet Jones Vancouver, British Columbia

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Russell Keziere Boston, Massacheusetts, USA
Roy K. Kiyooka (1926-1994)
Walter Klepac Toronto, Ontario
Michel Lambeth (1923-1977)
Yvonne Lammerich Toronto, Ontario
Avis Lang (Rosenberg) New York, New York, USA
Yam Lau Toronto, Ontario
James Lavadour Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Oregon, USA
Gordon Lebredt (1948-2011) Toronto, Ontario
George Legrady Santa Barbara, California, USA
Miklos Legrady Toronto, Ontario
Joan Lowndes (1915-2001) Vancouver, British Columbia
James Luna La Jolla Indian Reservation, San Diego, California, USA
Toby Chapman MacLennan New York, New York, USA
Harry A. Malcolmson Toronto, Ontario
Eli Mandel (1922-1986)
Robin Mathews Ottawa, Ontario
John Bentley Mays Toronto, Ontario
Donna McAlear
David McFadden Toronto, Ontario
Elizabeth McLuhan Toronto, Ontario
Hugo McPherson Ottawa, Ontario
John Metcalf Ottawa, Ontario
Robin Metcalfe London, Ontario
Charity Mewburn Vancouver, British Columbia
Earl Miller Toronto, Ontario
Marcus Miller Ottawa, Ontario
Jean-Paul Morisset
Michael Morris Victoria, British Columbia
Joan Murray Oshawa, Ontario

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Diana Nemiroff Ottawa, Ontario
Sarah Nind Toronto, Ontario
Melanie O’Brian
Paddy O’Brien
Jennifer Oille Halifax, N.S.
Douglas Ord Toronto, Ontario
Charles Pachter Toronto, Ontario
Andrew Paterson Toronto, Ontario
Pam Patterson Toronto, Ontario
Andy Patton Toronto, Ontario
Andrew Payne Toronto, Ontario
Art Perry Vancouver, British Columbia
Jerry Pethick (1935-2003) Hornby Island, British Columbia
Alfred Pinsky
Carol Podedworny Hamilton, Ontario
John Porter Toronto, Ontario

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Goldie Rans London, Ontario
Gordon Rayner (1935-2010) Toronto, Ontario
Manon Regimbald Montreal, Quebec
Dennis Reid Toronto, Ontario
Stuart Reid Owen Sound, Ontario
Arthur Renwick
Richard Rhodes Toronto, Ontario
Terence Roberts
Clive Robertson Kingston, Ontario
Arnold Rockman
Sylviane de Roquebrune
John Sallis
Peter Schuyff Vancouver, British Columbia
Jay Scott (1942-1993)
Barbara Shapiro Boston, Mass., USA
Ron Shuebrook Toronto, Ontario
David P. Silcox Toronto, Ontario
Richard A. Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ross Skoggard New York, N.Y., USA
Robert Stacey (d. 2007) Toronto, Ontario
Don Stanley Vancouver, British Columbia
Irene Szylinger
Nell Tenhaaf Toronto, Ontario
Sandra Tivy Calgary, Alberta
Jacques de Tonnancour
Nancy Tousley Calgary, Alberta
Elke Town Toronto, Ontario
Charlotte Townsend-Gault Bowen Island, British Columbia

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Jane Urquhart Stratford, Ontario
Joan M. Vastokas Vancouver, British Columbia
Ian Wallace Vancouver, British Columbia
Meeka Walsh Winnipeg, Manitoba
Scott Watson Vancouver, British Columbia
Sheila Watson (d. )
Stephanie White
Karen Wilkin New York, N.Y., USA
Judy Williams Cortez Island, British Columbia
Clifford Wilson
William Wood Vancouver, British Columbia
George Woodcock (1912-1995)
Ross Woodman London, Ontario
Kay Woods Oakville, Ontario
Liz Wylie Kelowna, British Columbia

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Shirley Yanover Toronto, Ontario
Joyce Zemans Toronto, Ontario